Laser Service: Circuit Boards Drilling & Cutting

IMPEX Laser Service

Drilling & Cutting - Processing circuit boards with 2 Schmoll Picolasers.


Schmoll Picodrill

The Schmoll laser machine Picodrill is a highly productive and highly accurate machine for drilling, cutting and structuring of a wide material spectrum.

The use of a high performance pico second laser with a wave length of 532nm allows a cold and precise ablation.

Laser drilling and cutting,  minimum size 25 µm

Lasercutting of rigid-, rigidflex- and thin pcb- boards

Structuring of different materials

Cutting and drilling of glass wafers

Repairs of equipped pcb boards by removal of films, solder mask or other materials

Drilling of blind vias with an aspect ratio of about 1:1

Pico Drill Laser Service


„The picosecond laser technology gives the possibility for ablation with nearly no thermic strain.“


The working stations have a vacuum table and a high resolution CCD camera. This gives the possibility for automatic correction of offset, rotation, shrinking and stretching.

Please contact our team for further information.

Quality Certificate

The drill service of Impex Leiterplatten GmbH is since 1996 certified regarding ISO9001:2015.

All quality checks will be performed on our x-ray control station and on our measuring machine proX3-K+LASER+3D. We do first article checks and 100% checks.


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