Impex ACS Cleaning charged up statisch geladen


Professional Cleaning with Ionized Air

Reinigung von Teilen trotz statisch geladenem Schmutz

ACS stands for Air Cleaning System by Impex and was developed to clean in a professional way panels with electrostatic charged dust. In our focus were Printed Circuit Boards in different production processes.

Compact maintence free system!

The ACS is a compact system with a very easy handling for the operator. The benefits are the small design and so the small needed ground space. It cleans panels with a width of 100-600mm (3,9- 23,7Inch) and a height of 120-650mm (4,7-25,6Inch). The panel thickness must be between 1mm and 10mm (0,04-0,4Inch). The drive moves the panel automatically into the machine and cleans it with 2 air knifes. After the cleaning it send the panel back. The operator can control the movement speed and air pressure to realize best results without damaging the panels.

Cleaning via Ion Air Knife

The panel passes two "Ion Air Knifes" during the movement. The Air Knifes are equipped with an ionization bar. The air removes electrostatic charges from the panel. Exhausting systems remove the drill or routing dust from the ACS.



  • Low air consumption
  • Low panel deformation
  • Isolated, not radioactive
  • Non-stop air flow
  • 40:1 air amplifying