Software Auto NC Comp

Auto – NC – COMP

Automatic NC-Program Optimisation

Thermal and mechanical force during manufacturing processes leads to dimension changes on Printed Circuit Boards. All following procedures like drilling, routing or scoring should happen on the right position on the PCB. The NC programs of these procedures must be corrected regarding the real deformation. Impex Leiterplatten GmbH developed together with the NC experts of Imbach Engineering a new software tool which compensates the NC programs automatically regarding PCB deformation.


  • A measuring machine measures 4 defined and known marks on the PCB before the PCB is drilled or routed.
  • The deviation result is saved automatically.
  • The operator starts the software tool "AUTO-NC-COMP" and chooses the right drill and rout programs.
  • The software calculates the best offset and stretching, changes the NC programs and saves them in a new location.

Automatic Offset and Scaling Correction

Automatic Report and Correction Limits

The software creates also reports with the interesting data of the correction The operator can define correction limits. Is a calculated correction bigger than the limit, the software will warn the operator and he can choose the next step. The tool works with NC programs in Excellon format. Additional languages can be implemented.

Compatible measuring solutions. ACM2000, proX3 with CCD option and proX2 or proX2 CNC.