Software Measuring Statistics


Professional Reports and Statistics

The report software „Statistics by Impex“ was developed to open different export files and to create of this dataset professional reports. Currenty it can work with 5 different ASCII coded file formats. The format will be recognized automatically.

When the export format fits the needed format, the software will be able to open export files of any measuring machine. Good metrology solutions are able to export in defined formats.

The operator can swap between different report types ,after a successful import. 2 mouse clicks are necessary and a PDF reports is created.

Following Report Types are Possible at the Moment:
  • Drill Statistic Report
  • Area A,B,C,D (4-quadrant) drill analysis
  • Area AB, CD & AC,BD drill analysis
  • Real Position Report
  • First Article Report
  • Process Accuracy Analysis
  • VDA Report (First Article Report in ISO list format)
  • Quick Scanner Report
  • 3D hole or bump analysis