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Our production is equipped with different drill, rout and laser machines. We are flexible, fast and do our business with a very high precision. Our main business is the operation on printed circuit boards but we work also with other materials like for example metal and glass. Please feel free to contact our production manager with a new challenge. Find here more details...
Welcome! Impex Leiterplatten GmbH develops and manufactures measuring machine solutions, offers mechanical drilling and routing, laser drilling and laser cutting and also service engineering for Schmoll, LHMT and Bacher machines. 
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Find the right solution... Our measuring solutions are equiped with different measuring options which can be combined too. Here some options: Scanning Sensor: Realizes the 100% check of up to 1 Mio. elements in seconds. CCD Metrology: For flexible, complex and very accurate measurements. Laser Depth Sensor 3D White-Light-Interferometer for 3D topography scanning
Mechanical and Laser Processing on PCBs and Other Materials
Sale of 2nd Hand Machines
Our production operates on different machine technologies which will be renewed from time to time. We also purchase used production machines and integrate them in our production or we rebuild them for other customers. Thus there are sometimes 2nd hand machines available: Find here the available machines...
Software “AUTO-NC-COMP” Software tool for an automatic correction of an existing NC program (drill, rout) regarding measured panel stretching or offset.
Cleaning Machines ACS ACSi
Depth Measuring Machine We developed machines for automatic and very fast depth check of scoring, milling or drilling.
New Measuring Area The new proX3 XL version has a 50x32 Inch measuring area
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