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Combination of Speed and Precision
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Equip your proX5 with up to 2 Measuring Options
Technical Data of the Metrology System
Active Measuring Area X Axis
~570mm (~22.44 Inch)
Active Measuring Area Y Axis
~650mm (~25.6 Inch)
Total System Accuracy
U1 = 3,5 + L/300 MSA Test 1 Cgk > 1,33 on T = +/- 0,040mm (min. magnification 150x)
Camera System
Matrix Colour CCD camera
Lens System
12x magnification lens (20x to 190x)
Light Options
White LED bottom light, diffusive ring top light, white LED coaxial light and 4 colour ring light
Das Metrologiesystem QC5000
The metrology system is a powerful tool to measure nearly all application in the PCB industry. A Matrix CCD camera with a 12x zoom objective deliver the image from the objects. The measurement is based on edge detection. Functions like circle, arc, line, centre of gravity and lot more measurements can be done. The system measures on 2½ axes (XY and Z height).
Measurements can be made manually or inside of a recorded program fully atomized. The programming is very simple and easy to learn. The construction features like distance, point, arc are helpful tools to generate all application data which are needed . Many tolerance settings can be applied to the features. Even the taken objects can be calculated in different way’s like best fit, min superscribed, max inscribed calculation and more.
Programs for the automatic run can be generated manually or with the help of a DXF file of the target element. An optional NC-DXF converter is able to create DXF files in the right format from NC programs like Excellon, Posalux or Sieb & Meyer.
The biggest benefit of the CCD Metrology System is the dynamical light- and video edge detection adjustment during the measuring process. Thus the system is able to measure very complicate edges and objects.
The High Speed Scanning System
The high speed scanning system was developed to measure a huge number of drilled holes in a very short time with a very high precision. It was especially designed  for the PCB industry but includes also special features for other business areas. The scanning process of the whole area needs about 1 minute. An incredible measuring algorithm calculates thousands of elemends in some seconds. An optional top light system is also available. This can be used for blind via inspection or drill deflection evaluation. The top light is programmable and designed with fibre optics technique.
The operation of the scanning system is one of simplicity. As a manual programming process is not necessary, our machines load a nominal DXF file, scan over the part, and set the alignment holes to generate the complete measuring report. An array of statistic information is available, which includes but is not limited to Cpk, sigma, and average value. A deviation diagram immediately displays the quality of the measured products.
In the case of an error analysis, the objects do not need to be rescanned since all digitized pictures are stored on the system. A proX3 with the high speed scanner and the CCD metrolgy system makes it possible to combine the scanner result with the CCD camera. An element out of tolerance in the scan report can be checked again in more detail with the CCD camera. This feature saves time and generates a high inspection rate. The proX3 is the perfect tool for 100% accurate product control.
The new Scan-Contour measuring function is a quick measuring tool for 2-D objects. Lines, circles and arcs are probed with the “Best Fit” method and a speed greater than 700 features per second. The constructions of distances, points and angles are also possible. The input format is a DXF data set, which provides the optional NC-DXF converter and converts Excellon or S&M drill- and routing programs.
If all necessary elements refer to the nominal, an additional programming is not necessary. A freely programmable tolerance database can be set up. A first article report needs just some mouse clicks.
The free Step & Repeat function is an outstanding tool to measure the multiplicity of the same part without additional programming. Just simply place the parts on the table and the proX1 will automatically recognize the number of parts as well as their alignments and evaluate each object individually. In the complete display it is possible to immediately see which objects are inside or outside of the tolerance zone.
The operation is just as simple as the drill scanning. An internal wizard leads the operator through the menus and in a few minutes the measuring is complete.
Professional Reports and Statistical Evaluation
We designed the report software „Statistics by Impex“ to create professional reports of Impex measure machine results. The different result formats will be recognized automatically. After the import the operator is able to swap between the different report types.
The metrology system is a powerful tool to measure nearly all applications in the PCB industry. A Matrix CCD camera with a 12x angle zoom objective deliver the image from the objects.  The high speed scanner system was developed to measure a high number of elements in a very short time especially for the PCB industry. The system is able to measure more than 1 million holes.
CCD Metrology
High Speed Scanner
Measuring Position Accuracy
± 6µm (± 0.24mil)
Active Measuring Area Z Axis
~2mm (~0.08 Inch)
Smallest Hole Diameter
40µm (1.57 mil)
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Cleaning Machines ACS ACSi
Impex Leiterplatten GmbH Scan Area X-axis 570mm (~ 22.44 Inch)  Scan Area Y-axis 650mm (25,6 Inch)  Scan Time of max. Scan Area Size < 120 seconds   Camera Technology Line camera >8000 Pixel (Pixelsize ~7µm)  Lens System  Bi-Telecentrical Lens System  Hole Calculation Algorithm Centre of gravity and least square best fit Contour Calculation Algorithm  Least square best fit  Measuring Position Accuracy ± 10µm (± 0.39 mil)  Smallest Hole Diameter 100µm (4 mil)    Scan Speed ~ 110mm/s  Max. Number of Holes ~ 1 Million  Default Nom. Data Format DXF list format (e.g. AutoCAD RT12/14 Format)
Technical Data of the Scanner
Following Report Types are Possible at the Moment: Drill Statistic Report Area A,B,C,D (4-quadrant) drill analysis Area  AB, CD & AC,BD drill analysis Real Position Report First Article Report Process Accuracy Analysis VDA Report (First Article Report in ISO list format) Quick Scanner Report 3D hole or bump analysis
Technical Data of the Machine
System Resolution X,Y, Z
0.5µm (0.02 mil)
X & Y Axis Speed
450mm/s (17.72 Inch/s)
X & Y Axis Acceleration
500mm/s² (33.46 Inch / s²)
Dimension with open glass door LxWxH
3100x2100x1600 mm (122.05x82.68x62.99 Inch)